We've been Walking on a Dream in 3 years now!
Walking on a Dream(album)
The original artwork for the debut album
Let's celebrate the timeless journey of our Empyrean leaders!

04 October 2011: Three years ago, on this day, the start of the empyrean journey got released onto a CD... Walking on a Dream got into our music stores, and into our hearts.

Empire of the Sun's debut album became a quick success which on it's journey converted regular people into dedicated citizens.

With such enthusiastic listeners & fans, the sales of the album were pleasant enough to make a way for other versions of the album to surface. The debut album was available in 3 different versions: Original Edition, Special Edition & Deluxe Edition, but only the Original & Special Edition are left for sale.

This because the Deluxe Edition was limited to 1000 copies (which 100 of them were signed by the Emperor himself) and all of these copies seem to be sold out at this date of time.

We are so proud for the empire's 3 years of pure amazing journey, and we look forward to the continuation that is headed our way! Live on Empire! Live on!

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Walking on a Dream !