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Walking on a Dream
Walking on a Dream(album).jpg
Album Walking on a Dream
Release date October 4, 2008
Amount of tracks 10
Genre Electropop, Synthrock, Synthpop
Format CD, Digital Download, Vinyl Record
Recorded in Soundworks Music Studio & Linear Studios in Sydney Austraila.
Length 43 minutes & 34 seconds
Label EMI
Main Producer(s) Nick Littlemore Luke Steele Peter Mayes
Walking on a Dream.jpgWe are the People.jpgStanding on the Shore.jpgWithout You.jpgHalf Mast (Slight Return).jpg

Walking on a Dream is the debut album of the electropop-duo band Empire of the Sun


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Number: Song Name: Cover:

Standing on the Shore

Standing on the Shore.jpg

Walking on a Dream

Walking on a Dream.jpg

Half Mast

Half Mast (Slight Return).jpg

We are the People

We are the People.jpg
5 Delta Bay
6 Country
7 The World
8 Swordfish Hotkiss Night
9 Tiger by my Side

Without You

Without You.jpg

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