Empire of the Sun Wiki

We're pretty much devistated and sad that we all the time need to make changes, as well as get used to changes we didn't even decide to do, because of our provider Wikia.

This month we came to an conclusion that unfortunately, there has been a very big mistake in our database causing our service (TheEmperianTimes) to get shut down for a while, and recarnated with a new name.

Our reason:

The reason is that we noticed now that Emperian must be changed to Empyrean because that is how you spell "Empyrean" in the end, without any errors.

This means that this blog will be shut down for some days, and recarnated into "TheEmpyreanTimes" making the stable release date of this website postponed to yet some days, as well creating a big confusion on this website, both for you citizens and us, administrators.

a difficult process:

Unfortunately, we do this with big tears in our eyes, because everything has been so stable with this service, keeping the news in a good chronology order... but unfortunately with wrong dates showing as well.

To fix the date issues is yet another issue, we here can not change that ourselves, that is something our provider Wikia can only attribute to and help us change this.

Making us yet to rethink... if we should keep this "blog-inspired" The Empyrean Times available for you guys, because of the wrong dates showing when the post got posted, but can be interpreted like it was when the "news article" surfaced online.

It's a big question, and we do not have much time.
But hopefully, we will fix this in the end, with or without Wikia's help.

The power that keeps us flowing is the force running in the Empire.
For the Empire and for it's Citizens! /The EOTS Wiki Team