Empire of the Sun Wiki

Back to Work! - We're excited!

[July 26, 2010] - The intense work on the Wiki is back!

We here, on EOTS Wiki, are motivated and working really hard to keep the empire here on this wiki alive.
We kept the Wiki updated throughout our vaccation break, and managed to write some new news entries aswell as some articles, as for example: Emperor Steele's article here on this wiki.
Because we want to keep the Wiki as special as it can get, we do never "copy and paste" any articles from other sites in this site,
We do research instead and then mindstorm it into one single article, creating a flawless, detailed and pleasant reading for the citizens.
But even though we work in such way and on our free time, we are not satisfied.

Now, the real intense work is back on this Wiki!

What will we focus on?

We will be focusing on bringing atleast 1 article per day to this Wiki starting from 28th July, focusing on the most important first,
as for example: Nick Littlemore, the debut album Walking on a Dream, aswell as the singles from it, and other associated acts like Pnau and The Sleepy Jackson.

Our goal

Our goal is to make this wiki the number one place for information about the empire, aswell making this a site where you, yourself can have a little piece of the empire for your own (your profile page).

Not only that, are we really looking forward to test new projects on this Wiki, such as widgets and such, which will make this the number one site for both socialising, sharing informatiton and ofcourse reading information!

Are you ready?

So, are you ready for whats about to be happening on this site after 28th July?
Take a deep breathe and get ready for a fast-phased journey, cause we will no longer slow things down!

For the empire and it's citizens!

/The EOTS Wiki team & Citizens of the Sun