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Because of the mistake in schedule made by Sound Academy, Toronto will not be able to see the empire live for now...

[May 10, 2010] - The empire needed to cancel a Toronto live show, the band apologizes the citizens (fans) in Toronto by their official website.

Unfortunately, the empire needed to cancel a Toronto live show at the Toronto's Sound Academy (the 8th August 2010), upsetting many Toronto fans.
This because of a scheduling conflict made by the Sound Academy itself.

Official statements:

The band released their official statement together with an apology for their fans on their official website, The statement goes:

Quote2.pngIt is with great regret that Empire Of The Sun have been forced to cancel their planned performance at Toronto’s Sound Academy on 8 August due an unavoidable scheduling conflict. The band are hugely disappointed and would like to apologize to all the fans who have already purchased tickets. Empire Management intend to bring the live show to Canada as soon as possible although no time-frame can be confirmed at this stage.Quote1.png

The empire added information for ticket refunds aswell:

Quote2.pngTicket refunds are available at point of purchase. All tickets purchased through Ticketmaster by internet and phone will receive an automatic credit to the purchasing card, no action is required. Refunds will be seen on your next credit card statement.Quote1.png

Our thoughts

We here on Empire of the Sun Wiki think this is sad, sad, sad! It's not the empires fault, and it's very nice of them that they took their valuable time to show their support for the upset fans!

It looks like Toronto won't be able (for now) to experience the empire live this year...

so Toronto... get your refunds meanwhile you still have the time! - without the empire, the show will not be as great as it was supposed to be.. for sure!

External Links:

[SOURCE] The official statement on the empire's official website.