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Where are you Lord Littlemore? ...Maybe the tiger beside you is the only one who knows where you are, or what your plans are..

[June 03, 2010] - [SHOCKING!] Luke Steele - "I haven't talked to Nick Littlemore since February."

The website, NME, who have often fresh and unique news from the Empire, spit out a shocking article who have worried massive numbers of citizens.
According to NME, Emperor Steele (Luke Steele) has not seen his band member since February this year.

BBC Interview

In an interview with BBC newbeat Luke Steele claimed he haven't talked to Lord Littlemore (Nick Littlemore) since the Brit Awards, which took place Tuesday 16 February this year (2010).


According to the website Emperor Steele's response to this was:

Quote2.pngNick (Littlemore) doesn't play in the live show, He doesn't play in anything. I saw him at the Brit Awards and that was like a bit of a reunion.Quote1.png

Not only that, the emperor admitts that touring on his own has been hard the last days, stating that:

Quote2.pngThe first month was pretty emotionally challenging, Because you're there going, What do you mean you don't want to be on the road? It's kind of like a master chef serving up this new dish they've cooked called The Dream and then some kid coming off the street with a machete and shoving it into this steak, picking it up and just laughing watching the blood drip out of it.Quote1.png

Emperor is not stepping back.

With tours already confirmed in the US, the emperor doesn't seem to want to step back because of Lord Littlemore's decision of ditching the road, the emperor said:

Quote2.pngOnce it (the tour) starts it becomes the norm. You've got to keep the show on the road. This is rock 'n' roll.Quote1.png

Our thoughts

Let's hope Littlemore gets back to the empire as soon as possible!

Citizen Quotes:

Quote2.pngThis is really sad, and makes us fans worried (of course) about the future of the Empire if this continues, Of course no one wants to see Lord Littlemore leave this empire which became success... but if Lord Littlemore decides to leave the empire and us, the fans, the only thing we can hope for is that Emperor Steele is strong enough to hold the Empire together with his own strength, and truely show that the empire under his power, is not able to fall. /Daniel The creator of the EOTS Wiki Quote1.png

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[SOURCE] The original NME article about this news article