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We wonder how the new album will sound like... maybe there will be a new "Prince" in the empire?

[June 1, 2010] - Hultsfred festival rumors second album!

Somehow it has became a norm for festivals to announce rumors about the empires second album!
First we had the Heineken Open'er Festival which said Luke Steele has the second album in works and that it should be released somewhere this year!
and also not only that, they added that the emperor is working aswell on two other "elder" projects, If you want to read more, read the full article here!.

Anyhow! - Back to the current news!

Hultsfred Festival is a festival in Sweden, where the empire will perform in full magic (including the dancers, Luke's and the dancers wardrobe, and maybe even the backgrounds!). On the festivals official website, they gave a little snippet of what to expect from the empire aswell as a little background info about them (ofcourse).

In that little background info they gave us this:

Quote2.pngBut Luke Steele is not the guy who lies on the lazy side, He has already started the work on the sequel (the second album ofcourse), that he himself says going to be placed somewhere between Mylo and Prince.Quote1.png

Or as you would read it originally (in swedish):

Quote2.pngMen Luke Steele är inte killen som ligger på latsidan. Redan nu har han påbörjat arbetet med uppföljaren, som enligt honom själv kommer att hamna någonstans mitt emellan Mylo och Prince.Quote1.png

Our thoughts

Hmm... we wonder how it will sound like! hopefully not to different from the perfect debut album: Walking on a Dream !
But ofcourse, everything in the hands of the emperor will for sure be a pure gift for our ears! We citizens, can't wait!

See the Empire LIVE!

If you live in Sweden and want to see the Empire LIVE, go ahead and buy the tickets to this (Hultsfred festival) festival here!
The empire is going LIVE wednesday the 7th July !

(The festival got cancelled, and have upset many of the Swedish fans, further reading here.)

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[SOURCE] The official Hultsfred Festival mini-site about EOTS!