According to the Heineken Open'er festival website, the empire is in the works towards a new album

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Walking on a Dream 2? - or atleast a new (second!) album! ..yep, that's what Open'er Festival reveals and promise us!

[Unkown, 2010] - According to the Heineken Opener' Festival website, the empire is in the works towards a new album! If you believe in the polish Heinken Opener' festival (where the empire will play in Poland!) website, the empire is in the works for a new album right now! ...and not only that, they say it may have it's release... in 2010!
This is some excellent news for the citizens! or what shall we say? for the whole world!?


According to the site, it says that:

Quote2.png In this time and moment, Empire of the Sun, under the control of Luke Steele, they are already working on their second album, who is said to be released this year. The works towards the second album must be highly advanced, because Luke says that even his older two projects (which must be The Sleeping Jackson and Hathaway/Palmer [Unkown] or do they mean PNAU?) will both recieve a new album each this year. Quote1.png
or as you would read it directly from the website (in polish):

Quote2.png W chwili obecnej Empire Of The Sun pod wodzą Luke'a Steele'a pracują nad swoim drugim albumem, którego premiera zapowiadana jest na ten rok. Prace muszą być dosyć zaawansowane, bo Luke zapowiada też na 2010 wydanie dwóch kolejnych płyt jego pozostałych projektów. Quote1.png

Our thoughts

This sounds intressting... and really good for the fans and citizens of the empire!

So what do you say? are you EXCITED!?

Extra material!

When you enter the english mini-site about the Empire on the polish Heineken Open'er Festival website, you won't find so much detail but they still says this:

Quote2.png The band is currently working on the new material, so be ready to hear it live. Quote1.png

In this case I say... Thank god I know Polish! lol!

External Sites:

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