Empire of the Sun Wiki

Greetings Citizens![]

My name is Daniel (here: EmpireoftheSun), I am the creator of this site and the upcoming creator of other websites about the empire, to support the empire.
I am really happy to be the first one to create a wiki website for the Empire of the Sun, so I can both share the best news, articles and trivia from the Empire to all of you both the amazing citizens (fans) and the newest people that maybe started to listen to EOTS lets say.. yesterday!
I hope you enjoy your stay both here on my page.. and ofcourse on the whole wiki! :)

Why is there quotes from you on some of the articles?[]

Some of the articles here on this site, have some quotes written by me.
This is my way of interfiering and showing my opinions on different articles and news about the empire, and because I am myself a fan, I think its fun to show what I think, without being someone inside of the empire (like a producer, assistans and so on.) :)

Is there any chance to include my quote into one of the articles?[]

Ofcourse! If you have good point of view, I would more than want to to include your thoughts and opinion into the form of a "quote" in the article you choose!
Simply write your quote to this email: QuoteMeEOTSWiki@gmail.com :)

You've changed account, why?[]

Our old account was annoying because of the way it was spelled "Empireofthesun" without any big capital for each word, which made the look of our name seem ugly.
It's why we changed our account to this one, where every word has a big capital letter, and we think it looks much better this way!

Our old account is still online, and will always be, but from September 10th that account has been inactive and got exchanged with this account, so from that day this is the official administrator account for: Daniel "EmpireOfTheSun".

Who's Daniel?[]

I am Daniel! :)

I am a huge fan (citizen) of the Empire of the Sun, and to show how much I appreciate their hard work, I've created this Wiki.
I think this Wiki will become one of the leaders in the fanbase for the Empire! :)

Whats your current projects right now?[]

This wiki! :)
Other projects with the empire.. ;)