The Sleepy Jackson is working right now in L.A. on a new album!
TSJ 06 July Luke and TSJ Post in studio
The posts made on both Luke Steele's & The Sleepy Jackson's Facebook pages.

Wake up Sleepy heads!

It's time to spread some more joy in your deep-sleep dreams! ...or better yet, wake up! because your biggest dream is ain't going nowhere!

Luke Steele has announced today, at the hour of 07:59, that he indeed was in "L.A. in the studio" through his official Facebook page!

First, we had no idea on which project he was working on in the studio, but after exactly 7 minutes, the same post was revealed at The Sleepy Jackson's official Facebook page!

So, pop your champagne, party and get to bed! and be sure to sleep away the waiting time and wake up exactly at the new album's releaseday!

...but now thinking reality... with such amazing news you are no longer Sleepy afterall, I guess!