The Sleepy Jackson's 3rd album scheduled for release later this year!
The previous album of The Sleepy Jackson: Personality - One Was a Spider, One Was a Bird.
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The Sleepy Jackson is back! ...later this year!

Yes! it's really true! they're back!

Facebook announcement:

Luke Steele, the Empire of the Sun, The Sleepy Jackson, Nick & PNAU all are known to be steady using Facebook to interact with fans, and share news... this is not much different with announcing new things.

The announcement of that The Sleepy Jackson is back was first announced through Luke Steele's Facebook profile, and then on The Sleepy Jackson's Facebook profile, it has been confirmed that The Sleepy Jackson's newest album, is indeed coming!

Release later this year

With the Facebook post, we now know that the album will be released, but when?

The album will hopefully get a stable release date soon, but for now, what we know is, that the album will be released later this year. which is amazing!

We here at EotS Wiki think it might be possible for a release after the summer, somewhere in the months of September and December... but if it would be somewhere in those months... how big chance is there for a new Empire album hitting the shelfs this year...?

...anyhow, let's enjoy these amazing news for now!

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