Reigns of the DinoShore is the unofficial name for the headgear featured in the Standing on the Shore music video.


The headgear was first introduced for the citizens in the Empire in June 17th, 2009, when the music video for Standing on the Shore first appeared and got aired. Since then, the headgear has also been featured in the Empire's 2010 Live Shows.


The design on the headgear resembles two black horns, each horn has two spacings in them, giving it much greater detail. In the middle, two rings has been forged in, with (possibly metal) threads attached to the rings, giving it detail. If you look closer at the ring, there is a triangle which sticks out a bit more, located behind the two rings.

The horns has been forged into a helmet that resembles a soldiers helmet. On the helmet, 3 dinosaurs figures, possbly made out of wood or plastic, painted in blue, can be seen. From the back of the helmet, a pipe (similar to a vaccum pime) is seen, connecting the helmet to the Emperor's outfit. The pipe is seen to be attached to the left side of the Emperor's rib.


The Reigns of the DinoShore headgear's horns are the main logo for the fansite Empire of the Sun Wiki.