R.I.P. Steve Jobs - Lord Littlemore's brother honors Jobs
Sam La More honors Steve Jobs
The post where Nick Littlemore's brother, Sam Littlemore, honors Steve Jobs.
A very sad October 5th indeed...

05 October 2011: Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, the father of iPhone, iPod & Macintosh has passed away. Leaving mourning Apple users, fans and admirers sad and blue.

This is a very though day for everyone, Jobs family, those who were inspired by Steve Jobs, or those who were simply enjoying using the products that had Jobs as the idea cycle behind.

Some of such users that were enjoying Apple products, but used it like a piece of hardware to shape their future was Nick Littlemore's brother, Samuel Littlemore (Sam La More).

Sam took his time this very sad day and posted a post on facebook saying:

Quote2Without Steve Jobs, I would never have become the one I am today. RIP.Quote1

Beautifully written, we're happy to see that Sam took his time posting this.

We here at Empire of the Sun Wiki are deeply shocked and extremely saddened by these dark news, we're hoping that Steve Jobs don't need to fight cancer no more where he is now, and that he is now walking on clouds and most of all, Walking on a Dream. Rest in peace Steve Jobs, you were an important public figure.

Steve Jobs

All thoughts and prayers goes to Steve & Steve Jobs family. /EotS Wiki