Luke co-wrote a song for Beyoncé Knowles newest upcoming album 4!
Beyonce album - 4
The official cover for Beyoncé's newest album 4
It seems like it's a busy year for our Emperor! with a previous announcment made a couple of minutes ago by the Sleepy Emperor himself, and now this announcment!? seems it's hard to imagine how tight and strict his schedule must be!

Announcement through FacebookEdit

Team Empire has announced through Luke Steele's Facebook a post where they announced that Luke is a co-writer on Beyoncé Knowles newest album 4, where he co-wrote the song "Rather Die Young".

With who he co-wrote the song with, is still unkown, but all we know is that the song is amazing.

Album leaked... problem?Edit

Beyoncé's whole album 4, got leaked, and obviously one of the songs were the "Rather Die Young" song.

Beyoncé though has kept her cool when it comes to this and responded with this statement:

"My music was leaked and while this is not how I wanted to present my new songs, I appreciate the positive response from my fans. When I record music I always think about my fans singing every note and dancing to every beat. I make music to make people happy and I appreciate that everyone has been so anxious to hear my new songs."


The response of the Empyrean fans were greatly positive with comments such as "It got the Luke feeling to it." and "Amazing contribution by Luke's side".

Beyoncé's fans were obviously too very happy with the song, but unfortuntaley most of the Beyoncé fans still do not know it's Luke that is the 50% of the writing power behind this song, which is of course sad.

Otherwise... we cannot wait to re-hear it when Beyoncé finally drops her new album in stores June 24th!