Half Mast (Slight Return)
Half Mast (Slight Return)
Single Half Mast (Slight Return)
Album Walking on a Dream
Released January 15, 2010
Genre Synthrock, Synthpop
Format CD, Digital Download
Length 3:55 (Album Version), 3:40 (Slight Return Edition)
Label Virgin / EMI
Writer(s) Nick Littlemore Luke Steele Jonathon Sloan Peter Mayes
Producer(s) Nick Littlemore Luke Steele Jonathon Sloan Peter Mayes
Walking on a DreamWe are the PeopleStanding on the ShoreWithout YouHalf Mast (Slight Return)

Half Mast, single name Half Mast (Slight Return) is the fifth single from the debut album Walking on a Dream from Empire of the Sun.


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