The end has come for the 2011 Empyrean Tour
Austin City Limits Music Festival Luke
Emperor Steele & one if his dancers at the Austin City Limits Music Festival where the tour ended.
Let's wave our final Bye Bye's to the magnificent 2011 Empyrean Tour !

19 September 2011: The Empire has performed their last show which was included in the main 2011 Tour schedule.

From Australia to everywhere in the world, the magnificent Empire had a great run this year & we are so proud of them and happy about the continuing journey! ...even if the 2011 journey has reached it's finale.

The Final Destination: ACL Music FestivalEdit

Austin City Limits Music Festival was the last show the Emperor performed making people unquinched craving for more of the magical Empyrean music... though now, they will need to wait another year to make that happen!

The Emperor posted a post declaring the 2011 tours end on the official Empire of the Sun Facebook page:

Quote2just finished the tour in austin texas. what a finale !!!! remember ........all your dreams as small as they may be are very precious. make sure to follow them, they come true. love u guys. bless. emperor steele.Quote1

Haven't had the chance see the Emperor live this year?Edit

Are you sad that you haven't been able to see the Emperor perform live this year?

- Don't be! ...he will be returning back October - December this year! You will be able to catch a glimpse of him if you're in the right place(s)! - Click here to see where EotS will perform next!

It was a great run! Like always! - but now, let our beloved Emperor catch a breath! He very well deserves it!