Party picture captured the Swordfish Head thieves!
Swordfish Mystery Solved
The Facebook post stating the mystery is now solved!
This was a great 1th December!

1st December 2011: A truely great start of the month indeed!

The stolen Swordfish Headpieces case has been "solved"!

How it's been solved is for now, unkown! The only thing we know is what stood in the post from the Empire's Facebook stating:

"The curious case of the missing swordfish headpieces has now been solved. We'd like to thank everyone for their help. Onwards and upwards...."

So we too want to thank you all who helped the Empire to solve this case!

...and don't worry, we are looking after to keep you updated about how this case exactly got solved! If anything comes up, you know where to find it! (here!)

But for now...! Let's just be happy that the case is indeed solved! Happy 1th December everybody!