Facebook glitch outrages Steven Spielberg fans
Facebook Steven Spielberg Comments
The angry Steven Spielberg fans commenting rudely on the bands official Facebook page.

Steven Spielberg must be proud over his fanbase...

26th August 2011: Today Facebook caused a huge glitch on the Like pages for both the Empire of the Sun's official Facebook page, and the Like page for Steven Spielberg's 1987 movie with the same name .

The glitch caused that the Facebook users that liked the Spielberg movie on Facebook, liked the bands Facebook page instead. Giving them the feed from the band on their Facebook wall, making them outraged.

Flood of negativityEdit

The Empire of the Sun's Facebook page has never had so many negative and extremely rude comments day by day as it has now, because of the Steven Spielberg's movie's fans.

Comments such as "Your band sucks." and "Remove me from this page." can be seen on the Facebook page of the band. (Look at the picture provided to the left. )

Several fans of the band, tried to reply and co-operate, trying to calm down the angry Spielberg fans by typing comments such as: "There's a Unlike button" and providing them the instructions to be able to unlike the page for those who did not know how to do so.

Some fans were even trying "converting" the hate towards the band into love, sharing suggestions such as "Try to give the band a try! - They are not as bad as you believe they are! - You should really listen to We Are The People, it's really good!". Though such suggestions sometimes upset the movie fans even more.

Hijack AccusationEdit

The band, Empire of the Sun, as well as their fans, got accused by the movie's fans that the Empire Hijacked the Steven Spielberg's movie: Empire of the Sun's page stating that "It's EotS fault that I liked this page! - The fans and the band hijacked the movie's page to get more likes!".

The accusation is of course untrue, it is said to be a glitch in Facebook where Facebook automatically mixed up the Likes because of the same names on both of the Like pages.

Facebook alertedEdit

Empire of the Sun Wiki, as well as some of the Facebook users, who are fans of the band, contacted Facebook to get this issue fixed.

The issue has not yet been fixed, but hopefully will soon.

No official word from the band yetEdit

The Empire has not yet commented on this situation, nor do they need to do so.