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Emperor Steele posts a personal Update!
Emperor Steele Update.png
A screenshot of the actual post.

The Emperors first personal post! & He takes you onto the Empyrean tour bus!

15 September 2011: Emperor Steele posted today his first personal long post ever on the Empire of the Sun 's official Facebook page! & It's cherished as a true diamond by the fans!

Fans were thrilled that the Emperor took his time to interact with the fans for the first time by describing, on a Facebook note, one day from his busy touring lifestyle!

The Emperor admitted that he finds David Bowie hip and that the Emperor himself is tempted to rip off Bowies make-up and shaved eyebrows ideas after watching Jim Henson's Labyrinth where Bowie starred in.

With a warm & loving post by the Emperor himself to his fans, the feedback is amazing and most of the fans hope that the Emperor continues posting such posts in the near future... and we hope so too!

here to go to the Emperor Steele Post on Facebook!