Read about "Citizens" for the other nickname for the Empire of the Sun fans

Empyreans is the most common nickname for the fans of Empire of the Sun.

First apperanceEdit

The word Empyreans first appeared in January 26th 2009 on the Empire's official website on a post named "Tripple J Hottest 100 Results", the post started off it's content with a greeting of "Dear Empyreans" meaning "Dear Fans".

Empyrean acceptanceEdit

When the post got published, the fans accepted their fate into becoming from a regular fan to an Empyrean, and with the start of the Empire's new website on February 15th, 2009, with now a forum, the Empyreans got their first empyrean home on the internet ever:

Spreading the titleEdit

The fans began spreading the word throughout the official forums of EOTS, and suddenly every dedicated fan to the empire became an Empyrean, automaticly knowing it when joining the fan base.

Empyrean GreetingsEdit

With the word exploding into masses, empyrean greetings began to be explored and discovered by the Empyreans, and until this very day, the most famous greeting to the fans throughout the fan base is "Greetings fellow Empyreans" stating with Fellow that everyone in the fan community is like a big family, dedicated to the same goal: The Empire.

Other notable nicknamesEdit

Empyreans is not the only nickname for the fans, the name Citizens has popped up from here and there and is seen as the "other" name for the Empire fans, but not as dominant as the name of "Empyreans".

The official Empire of the Sun website called the fans sometimes Empyreans and sometimes Citizens, read more about it here .