Empyrean Geisha
Character Empyrean Geisha
Unofficial Name Empyrean Geisha
Gender Female
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Occupation(s) Dancer
Appearance(s) Walking on a Dream (Empire Live 2011)
Empyrean Geisha(s) are the magical dancers that derrivered from the inspiration the Empire have for the Japanese culture.

The dancers, who take on the character & the robes of an Empyrean Geisha, begins their choreographed dancing while dancing to the amazing rythm of Walking on a Dream at the end of every Empire Live 2011 show.


The Empyrean Geishas first appeared in 2011, when the 2011 tour started for the Empire, March 25th 2011 in Downtown Miami.

The dancers came out on stage together with Emperor Steele who weared his Empyrean Geisha Leader Robes, while the Emperor performed the Empire's infamous song, Walking on a Dream.


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The Empyrean Geisha's costume is a impressive piece of art, with the focus on two colors only, gold & white.



Geisha Jump SuitEdit

White GlovesEdit


The reaction for the new, Japanese inspired Visuals were praised in some of the reviews.