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Read about "Empyreans" for the most common nickname for the Empire of the Sun fans

Citizens is the second notable nickname to call the Empire's fans, and is a unofficial nickname as well.


The name Citizens was used to describe the users in the official Empire of the Sun forum, but was only used by a few members of the Empire's fan forum community.

This made that the nickname "Citizens" for the fans never really recieved enough success to get it's own ground because of the most common and dominant name for the fans, Empyreans, and "Citizens" became more of the "unofficial name" of the fans instead.

The meaning behind Citizens[]

The name Citizens appeared to show that the real Empyreans can only be Emperor Steele and Lord Littlemore, who are the true and only rulers of the empire, and the empire is filled with Citizens (fans), and if all Citizens would become Emperors, it would mean that all of the fans are on the same level as the Emperor Steele and Lord Littlemore, which is clearly not possible.