Empire of the Sun Wiki is a unofficial fansite for the Empyreans, by the Empyreans.

Our use of materialEdit

The website is an unofficial Empire of the Sun fansite that do not want to infringement any Copyright, nor do anything illegal at all.
The website do not take any profit from it's articles and content, nor the advertisement at all.

Our intentionEdit

Our intention to keep this website running is to spread the word of the fantastic Empire and give the fans a extended look at the Empire than ever before.

Our StructureEdit

We here are using a similar structure as Wikipedia, where fans and people can edit and create pages but instead of having a single article on a website such as Wikipedia, they have a website as Wikipedia but with extended and detailed content that is only focusing on the subject of: Empire of the Sun, The Sleepy Jackson, Pnau, Luke Steele, Nick Littlemore and everything that has a connection to the world of the Empire.

Copyright Questions? Contact us.Edit

If you are the Copyright owner, or the Rights Holder and have a request or question concerning this website, don't hesitate and contact us straight away!
Please contact us through this email: and we'll answer your question on the spot!